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   “KazTranslate” based in Almaty and Astana is one of the top ten translation agencies in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The company also has offices in Shimkent, Karaganda, Oskemen, Atyrau, Aktau, Kyzylorda, Kokshetau and Pavlodar. It has been operating on the service market since 2007 having long-term partners in CIS states. The results of “KazTranslate” ‘s activity can be found almost in all spheres of life: drug and food stuff packing, fast food, equipment specifications, car operating manuals, the translation of video advertisements, books and research articles.

   “KazTranslate” has been involving a vast number or professional translators (more than 300), able to make a high quality translation of  almost any complicity level within a short time. We have been collaborating with high skilled professional translators: Candidates of Sciences, specialists having Doctoral Degrees in Philology, Medicine and Technical Sciences many of which being native speakers. If you wish to work at our company  you are supposed to have at least 5 years of active experience in the sphere.  

   Every day our translation agency “KazTranslate” staff perform  certified translation of complicated technical documents, health certificates, hospital discharge reports, prescriptions, economical, financial and literary texts.                                                                                                                                                                           Our translation agency offers  all service payment types ( bank transfer, cash or POS terminal payment).  QIWI payment terminal (commission free is the most convenient payment type.  As a rule, translation value is increased by several times as a client spends his time for getting to the company, making advance payment and taking the translated material. Our customers can pay and get their translation by electronic means with no need to visit our office, which has been very convenient for the time being.   

   High quality interpretation and translation  of technical documents (the translation of design and estimate documentation, software, aircraft and oil industries etc.), financial, economical and legal texts (financial statements, agreements, standing orders, constituent documents etc.), as well as medial and literary texts are guaranteed.     

   In addition to translation “KazTranslate” offers a wide range of additional services:  notary certification, apostille services and document legalizationtranslation of audio and video materials.

Instant translation:

  • Translation speed – 10 pages a day.
  • The maximum translation output   – up to 90 – 110 pages a day.

 The scope of translation service we provide varies from one paragraph to ten thousand pages.  

   Our translation agency will provide you with a free 1 page of testing translation in any sphere you wish or you are welcome to have a  look at our works on the  ”Portfolio page”.


   An important note: we guarantee data confidentiality. Our agency concludes a Confidentiality Contract without even corresponding demands made by a Customer. All our customers are the best!




Making order is very simple. 

  • You can use our on-line calculator to define the price or chose an easier way and send us the order by mail so that we can calculate the price.
  • Telephone : 8 (727) 317-17-68; 8 (727) 317-17-78; 8 (747) 317-17-78 (Tele2)
  • Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Address: Almaty city, 35 Zheltoksan st., suite No. 33 (at the corner of Zheltoksan and Mametova st.)



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050000, Almaty

Zheltoksan Street, 35, corner Mametova Street

Office № 33

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